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Phantom queen,

Spring of craftiness,

Source of bitter fighting,

Greatness of wealth,

Daughter of Ernmass,

Daughter of Delbaeth,

Wife of An Dagda,

She who gives courage and she who provokes fear,

Mistress of fire, mist and blood,

She who pursues and subdues,

Mother of victories,

She who grants kingship,

Spear-point leaper,

Fierce of mood,

Pleasure in mustered hosts,

She who brings two handfuls of blood,

She who turns wound to healing,

Washer at the ford,

Guard of death,

Mother of the heart of serpents,


Guardian of land, beast and man,

Hornless red heifer,

She who straddles the ford,

She of eel, wolf and heifer,

Mistress of many-forms,

Mother of 26 sons and 26 daughters,

Flame that brightens heaven and earth,

Great queen of prophecy,

Far-sighted one,

Darkness of light.

By Robert Smith ©

Prayer to the Morrigan:

Goddess Morrigan, I ask that you make your presence known and bestow upon me your blessings.


May I feel your powerful embrace, the raven’s wing, when my strength wanes.


May I feel your presence in me to choose my battles wisely.


May I feel you with me in times of needed decisiveness.


May you always be my guide in the dark and help me to identify obstacles that can be moved with swift justice.


May you come to me and lead me to through according to the veil of righteousness.


May you grant me the insight to know that truth is nothing to ever toy with.


May you gift  me the sight of honesty, the purity of heart to succeed, the thought to withhold my tongue, the courage to face my enemies and the wisdom to know when to seek out the sword.


This I request of you, Goddess Morrigan, and I thank you. So be it.


August 2015

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