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Prayer to Manannan Mac Lir


Manannan Mac Lir
Hear your priestess’s call
Accept my offerings and
Give me strength to right the wrongs which are done
To the ocean and its creatures by humankind


Take my tears to cleanse the polluted water
Take my grief to create your mists and chase away the poachers
Take my rage to fuel your waves to sink the killer boats


Hear my oath while I lay on the wet sand
Watching the tides bring humanity’s garbage
Day in and day out
I will protect what is yours
By sea land and sky I swear.


Written by Nuin April 2018



Son of the Sea

He Who Inundates

Keeper of the Gates

Lord of Mists

He who strikes apart the earth

Helper of Mankind

Lawmaker whose laws remain unweakened

The Steadfast One

Swift Runner

He who commands the waves

He Who Reveals That which is Hidden and Conceals that which is Evident

Victory in Swift Horses

Lord of The Plain of Apples the Land of Promise

He who gives eternal life

Bringer of kine

Reader of the skies

Lord over the world’s fair hills

Horseman of the crested wave

Maker of the crane bag

Possessor of the goblet of truth

Father of lakes

Wielder of the silver branch

Rider of Aonbarr

Brandisher of the cloak of separation

Wielder of crann buidhe

Bearer of am frecaid

Flourisher of am moraltach

Helmsman of scuaba tuinne

Lord of the hidden people

He who churns the ocean to blood

Teacher of warriors

Great advisor

Druid of druids


By Robert Smith  ©

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