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Prayer to Danu

Danu, beloved Mother of the Tuatha De Danann,
You blessed your people with the love of creativity,
Nurtured them to strength and shared your
Esoteric wisdom with them.
May your legends live forever in the hearts of
The people of Ireland, the Irish diaspora,
And their descendants in the world of today.
In ancient times you were honored,
Respected and looked to for protection
Of the land and people who loved you.


Goddess of the rivers that nourish the Earth,
Rivers in nature which help us to learn about
The flow of life, as the water passes by like
Moments in time, no moment the same,
And never to return.
This tells us to live each moment with love,
Harmony and balance, for that moment,
Like the water that passes, cannot be relived.


You instilled in your people the art of magic,
Magical tools to strengthen their already
Powerful abilities, like the Spear of Lugh
Which struck its mark when Lugh released
It from his hand, its target found each time.
The Dagda’s Cauldron never runs empty,
The Stone of Destiny, to endow kings with long reigns, Nuada’s Sword of Light kept its keeper from defeat.


These are the four legendary treasures of Ireland,
Brought by the Tuath Dé in antiquity
To the new home you guided them to,
With these tools in the hands of mighty warriors,
Many battles they fought and won,
For 150 years they reigned in peace,
Till they were defeated by the Milesians,
Who take Ireland and the Tuath Dé
Take the land below, the Otherworld,
To become part of the Sidhe,
Where they still abide today.


– Unknown Author

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