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Tribe Of The Oak Library

Borrowing Books from the Tribe of the Oak Library

All of the required reading is now available from the lending library.


Members of Tribe of the Oak who are working towards initiation may use our lending library. Books may be borrowed from       the library on the following conditions:


   • Books may be borrowed for six weeks, then must be returned to the library.

   • Extensions must be requested  within one week prior to the time of its due date and are at the discretion of the librarian.        • No more than two books may be borrowed at a time.

   •Shipping and packaging charges must be reimbursed to the librarian with the return of the book.

   •If a book is lost or damaged, the borrower must reimburse the Tribe the cost of a replacement book.


Tribe of Oak members can message the Archdruid if they wish to borrow a book. The rules for the lending library are posted in the files section on our private page.


May the Goddesses & Gods Bless your studies.

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