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Fairies, Pixies and Wee Folk

Here are some fun activities for the little ones!

Pixie Catching

What you need: Vacuum or carpet bat and rope (or clothes line)


Pixies like to hide in carpets! If the child vacuums the carpet  they can catch a big bag full of fairies. You can also put rugs over the clothes line and give the child the bat. As they hit the carpet, the pixies fall out with the dust.


Fairy Viewers

What you need: Lawn shears or garden snips.

As the child snips along walk ways, they are cutting the foliage where the fairies like to hide when they are running along the path. The younger the child the more like they are to see a fairy. Make sure you’re careful with the shears; depending on the age of the child, you might want to use kid-friendly scissors instead.


Wish Stoppers

When the bud of a flower dies, the old dry part blocks wishes. The child can get rid of the wish stoppers by pulling or snipping off the old buds. (This works especially well on roses.)


Clover Hunt

Great with the wee ones. Show them a clover or other weed,  and then  let them go hunting and pulling. Make sure to remind them not to put any plants in their mouths!


Fairy calling

What you need: a large stick


Let the child walk around the grass while thumping the stick. If they are older, you could put a nail at the end of the stick and let them do it in the garden, which will aerate the soil.


Remember, always supervise your children!

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