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About Our Tribe

Welcome to the online home of the Tribe of the Oak Druids. This group is by invitation only, please request to join us if you are seriously seeking to be a member of the Order.


We are the “People of the Oak”. Oak trees are sacred to all cultures across the European continent and sacred to all cultures that these magnificent trees dwell in.


We have gathered together here to help connect our thoughts and our ideas. We discuss the books we are reading and share resources, rites, and the inspirations of our collective learning and energy.


Tribe of the Oak (Tuatha na Dara) was created in 2014 by author, Herbalist and Druid Ellen Evert Hopman (Saille) as a teaching Grove to carry on the lessons created by Hopman, Brendan Myers, Morgan Daimler, Dr. Kenneth Proefrock, J. Craig Melia and others when The Order of White Oak (Ord na Darach Gile) folded. Tribe of the Oak has since evolved into a full-fledged Order with training, one-on-one fostership and fellowship for Celtic Reconstructionist Druids.


We have a public page on Facebook which you can find here:


Our virtual shrines are places for study and reflection and we welcome original contributions of poetry, prose and art.


Our Druid Kids section has resources for Pagan parenting.


Our Tribe is an ever-evolving work in progress. Please join us if you have gifts to share!


Think of the Bards as Lore, learning the songs and stories of our ancestors, the lineages of great lords and kings, and the wisdom sayings of the people. Think of the Vates as Math: learning the relationship between numbers, pattern recognition, and using those skills for divination and tracking of the animals, stars, birds, as well as the seas. Now think of the Druids as Law: the judges, barristers, legislators, and mediators.” – Ellen Evert Hopman speaking in a dream-vision had by Luis A. Valadez [Oracle] in which he and she had a conversation about Bards, Ovates and Druids.

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