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Halloween In The Highlands

Man oh man I was looking at the cutesy wee baskets the kids use today to  put their sweeties in when they go door to door. Not that many are allowed to do that any more. All the costumes are bought now a days thqat must take a lot of  the fun out of it for the kids.,


We used pillow cases, greedy little baskets that we were. And we made our own costumes. I had a WW I German helmet with a spike and stuff, I dragged out every year and every year the adults made the same stupid jokes….Jesus Christ  its the Kyser at the door, I always laughed at their fine humor I wanted sweeties. I would of kissed their great tartan arses.


We did not say trick or treat, we were what are called geysers and we entered the home. All the adults stood or sat round and we each had to sing a  song, do a dance or recite a poem, and the adults clapped or sang along if the singer needed a wee bit help when the wee ones forgot the words it held us  all back from the next house. My 3 cousins, all lassies, did a song and we had  it to an art form as we got older they sang and I swung the sword to Scots Wha Hae .Then we dunked for apples,   got our sweeties and not a lot of  them as sugar was still rationed for a few more years and off we went to the  next house.


Remember, a lot of this was done while we were wet from the rain and  frozen from the wind. The expression Hey you dunna drip all over ma new  rugs was often heard. This was good because they gave us our sweeties and sent  us packing. Sort of like the express line at the grocers.



(via email with Eleen Evert Hopman)

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