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("Arianrhod"by Emily Brunner)

She is known as the Welsh goddess of the Silver Wheel who interweaves time and fate. Her castle, Caer Sidi, is thought to be either the Aurora Borealis or the starry place where souls go in the afterlife She represents change, renewal and rebirth

Arianrhod appears in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi.

Several sites are attributed to Arianrhod, the best-known is just off the coast of Arfon.

Read more about Caer Arianrhod below.

If you linger here, transfixed by the beauty of what you see,
then you will be a captive forever.
But, if you have the strength to turn and walk out of the Spiral Castle,
then the hidden secret of House Arianrhod will be revealed to you.
(from "Becoming the Enchanter" by Lyn Webster Wilde
"Arianrhod Invocation"
Arianrhod, great mother,
Your womb is the dark void of space
Which holds the seed of all potentials
 You are the wheel of life,
You are the beginning and the end and the beginning once again
 Yours is the spiral castle of the stars,
Where we are remade.
 May we glimpse eternity,
And know your light.
(shared with kind permission of the author,

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