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Aengus Og


Son of An Dagda,

Son of Boann,

Beloved of Etain,

Fostered of Elcmar,

Fostered of Midhir,

Favoured of Manannan,

He who is begotten and born betwixt dawn and dusk,

Possessor of the Brug,

He who drinks the Ale of Immortality,

Ever-young one,


Bringer of kine,

Protector of heroes,

Father of the Red Branch,

He of the many exploits,

Mighty and stern,

Warrior of the battle squadrons,

Red armed,

Master of the beautiful voice,

Wielder of Moraltach,

Guardian of lovers,

He who brings forth love,

He who returns life,

He who avenges dishonour,

Voice of poets.

© Rob Smith

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Óengus was conceived when the Dagda fell in love with Eithne, also called Boann, the goddess of the Boyne and wife of Elcmar of the Brug. (now known as Brugh na Boinne or Newgrange)The Dagda sent Elcmar on an errand to Bres, and in the meantime used his magic to make one day last nine months. At the end of this time, Óengus was born. The Dagda then brought Óengus to Midir to be raised as a fosterson for nine years. As a child, he is insulted by a Fir Bolg boy he's playing with for not having any parents; Óengus inquires to Midir how this is, and learns that he is the Dagda's son1. Óengus demands a home, and the Dagda helps him trick Elcmar out of the Brug, who is then given Cleitech instead. (
Óengus dreams of a young girl for a year, but is unable to find out who she is and falls into a wasting sickness. His mother Boann searches but doesn't find her. The Dagda has Bodb go and find the girl, who is found at Loch Bel Dracon, chained to fifty other girls, all of whom change into swans . The Dagda asks for Ailill and Medb's help, but is told to meet with Ethal, the local sidhe king and father of the girl, who is called Cáer Ibormeith. Eventually, Óengus is able to meet with Cáer on Samhain; she only agrees to be with him if she's allowed to return to the lake. They both turn into swans and sing the people to sleep, and Cáer remains with Oengus after this.
  art from Doreen Virtue -"Ascended Masters"
              Solstice Prayer - Heath Hubert
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